Important notes from the president of the PMHA

Special Requests

In the event that a member of the PMHA has a request regarding the placement or handling of their child (examples: unable to be on the same team as a coach, other player, carpooling, etc.), you must submit your request in writing or e-mail (with a complete explanation) to the president ( of the PMHA before the 30th of September to be considered.

The granting of the request will be determined by the Pierrefonds executive on its reasonability. Once the deadline has passed, no requests will be accepted.

Once your child has been placed on a team there will be NO movement to another team and no refunds.


Releases MUST be asked for by the association to which the player is to be released to, and may be issued in the following circumstances only:

  1. A double letter player that has been cut from the AA camp in Pierrefonds may try out for a BB team (Ile-Bizard for atom, peewee, midget, and Dollard for Bantam) and is retained by the so mentioned neighbouring association. (N.B. if they do not make it they would return to Pierrefonds.)
  2. An overabundance of Goaltenders as determined by the PMHA and asked for by another association.
  3. In Junior where we would or could partner, accept or release players as per the association’s needs rather than sending them home.